Sunday, July 10, 2011

Honest Monday

Alright, sorry for my lack of follow through.  But Europe and summer with 9 kids threw me off a bit.  I know you have been waiting with baited breath.  Here you go.  I will be honest. . .

I enjoy television.  I admit it.  I love T.V.  My favorite way to unwind is the t.v.  I would marry my dvr if I could.  I am not addicted.  My kids are more important.  (Well, now that I have a dvr.  ha ha.)  I don't watch much during the day.  But I do love a good tv show.  Our neighbors in college put their tv away in the closet.  I think it is sad, but I love mine too much.  When I went to Europe, I didn't wantch T.V. for almost 3 weeks.  I survived, I just like my T.V. . . a lot.  I have way to many favorites, but here is what is coming to my brain right now. 
(I do apologize for that lack of professionalism at the photos.  For some reason, it won't let me make them bigger.  Super sorry).

#1  Mad about you.


I love that show.  Have seen many episodes when they came out as well as stayed up in the 11pm-12am to watch reruns.  I still make one liners from this show.  I wish this was on-demand on netfix, boo.

When I was a kid I watched all nick at night shows.  Patty Duke, Mr. Ed, and the Monkees.  I still love old T.V.

I have seen every episode of :



and Psych

There are also shows I dvr for chores around the house.  Such as:

American Pickers  . . .

when I mop my kitchen floor. 

The sad thing is, I could keep going on all night.  Unfortunately, I have to get to bed, I do have 12 kids (my 9 + 1 niece, 1 nephew and 1 nephews friend)  so I must end.  What is your number 1 T.V. show?

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Claudine said...

We are total History Channel buffs around here!! Although, I think my favorite show right now is Good Luck, Charlie on Disney!!! LOVE that show!!