Monday, July 18, 2011

Couponing 01

So I called this one couponing 01 instead of 101 because I am always a day late and a dollar short.  Deals just don't work for me.  Some people have deals and luck just fall into their laps.

Not me.  I have tried different things in the past.  I have shopped sales, meal planned, and just shopped.  I had kept my eye on couponing for a while.  I use them occasionally, but it seemed like the sale price of off brand was still cheaper than the coupon for the on brand.

I took a class on couponing a different way about a year ago and was almost convinced.  I watched websites every once in a while, but I just couldn't see how coupons would help me.  But when the panic of "I have 9 kids to clothe and feed" kicked in I decided to just jump in with both feet.  Okay, not totally both feet since the coupon people tell you to get a newspaper subscription for each member of your family.  I was not willing to make that big of a financial jump so I just got 2 subscriptions.  It has been probably 4 months now, and I am still not totally convinced.  I have gotten free body wash and I just sent hubbie to Smiths for cereal at $.67 a box and 10 tubes of toothpaste for $6.  But over all I feel like I spend more just to save.  Sadly, in my area, we don't have double coupons so I can't be one of those crazy couponing hoarders like on the TLC show.

I thought I would pass along some of my favorite websites that I follow.  is great.  That is the class I went too.  They tell you what is on sale at what store. is a fun one.  It is really for boise.  My sister follows and they do have some helpful things. is also great.  I like it for the cheap online stuff.  Like the $5 slip and slide that sears was selling for $25.

The other thing I am trying but really liking is bountiful baskets.  It is nice to have fresh fruit and veggies always in the house.  I didn't know what to do with the chard and waited too long for some other strange fruit, but all in all, it has been great.

Do you do anything to save money?  How do you grocery shop?  I would love to get your input.

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Penelope said...

Most of the deals I get are at cvs. But really only for hair, body, & oral care. Real food, no.