Friday, July 1, 2011

Top 10

My top 10 things I learned in Europe.

10.  Never turn down a free toilet.  They make you pay for pottys.  I would be broke with my 9 kids.  Every time we go out, someone needs to go.  Let alone when your are preggo.
9.  Oh Shnelli.  I invented a new word.  Instead of crap, or dang or anything else you tend to say, say oh shnelli in remembrance for Shnelli Man.  (He is all over in the Hotel Shnelli.  Even watching you while you are in your bed.  Ohhh, spooky.)

8.  Europeans don't care if people die.  I climbed up a 400+ foot tower and this is what you walked around the metal, sloping roof on.  Chicken wire and 4 slats of boards.   

  That is also where I almost killed someone.  Klutzy me, dropped a battery off the top.  yes, I did. It fell all the way down.  

7.  They don't know how to do concerts.  I went to a Ringo Starr Concert.  We obeyed the rules and didn't take a camera.  So we had to reenact how they did the concert.  
Yes, they just sat there.  Granted, it was in english, but still.  They just sat and clapped at the end of the song.  I tried to stay in my seat, but I just couldn't. I was up and dancing just like a dorky mom.  But it was super fun.  Here is a reenactment of what we did.  
A few stood up after we did.  In fact, Ringo said, "You will recognize this next song from a little band I used to be in."  I yelled.  I was the only person in the entire stadium that made a noise.  He did thank me though.   Then it was weird because the Europeans sensed (or we missed the memo) the last song and they all went down to the floor and danced and clapped.  But just the last song.  Crazy weird.  
6. Europeans do not match or have any sense of style.  

5.  I look like a student in her 20's.  I heard it from old ladys and I got picked up on by boys.  Pretty awesome.  Although, when I introduced them to my 9 kids and husbands over skype, they ran away awfully fast.  

4. I love scarves and hats.  Scarves are the best invention.  When you get cold, they double as a blanket.  Awesome Possum.  

3. They have a great tradition.  When you get married, you go to a bridge and lock a lock on it and throw the key into the river.  How sweet is that?  Oh so romantic.

2. Europeans don't care about protecting their president.  I walked right up to the President of Latvia and shook his hand.  We were at an Occupation Memorial and we listened to the president.  Afterwards, Kim said, "I wonder if we could shake his hand."  I took it as a challenge and I marched right over to him.  I stuck my hand out and he shook it and all I could think of to say was . . . "Hello"  Stupid, huh?  His security looked suspisous of me when I was going to take this photo, but random people off the street could just walk up to him.  I could never do that with Obama.  

And the moment you have all been waiting for . . . 
1.  MC Hammer pants are back in style.  Oh Shnelli, I am not joking.  I wish I was.  That is one fashion statement I don't want to be making again.  Here is proof.  
Yes, those are denim MC Hammer pants. We saw lots of different styles of MC Hammer pants, even dress ones on someone who worked for the President of Latvia. She must have been embarrassed because she kept putting her purse behind her so I couldn't get a descent photo. 
There you have it.  My top 10 of Europe.  What do you think?  I love comments.  


B-Jacques. said...

Love the Post Miss.

...and that lady with Red hair looks like the Little Mermaid.

Bryan, JaNan, Aedin and Anthony said...

I love Europe! So wish I could have been with you, looks like you have a great time.

Claudine said...

HAMMER TIME!!! Oh, my husband so needs to be European...he can wear hammer pants AND not match??? could there be anything better?