Tuesday, July 3, 2012

In other news . . .

There were fireworks going off, so the kids climbed up on the roof to watch.  See, we allow kids on the roof, but only if you can jump off on to the trampoline to get down.
Yeah, we are awesome like that.  

The fireworks were wonderful.  That is Annie, Cassie, James, Jason, and Thomas.  Note that Becca is missing.  One time she jumped off and kept going and she landed on a metal lawn chair, so she stayed off and sat on the driveway with me.  There is no way I will jump off the roof, no way.  Sadly for her, after the fireworks, she was walking off the trampoline so the kids could get off.  Notice I said walking, not even jumping or flipping, or twisting.  She stepped on her ankle bone instead of the bottom of her foot.  Yep, we spent the rest of this night in the ER.  It was just a severe sprain.  The ER was super busy so we spent our time talking to someone who lived in our house last and Aunt Megan. Thank heavens for Aunt Megan, she is the reason Becca got any ice.  We were there for 4 hours and never even got a room.  Anyway, here is Becca's poor ankle.  It got much bluer and ickier than this.  

She was on crutches and had no ankle bones for days.  She is a trooper and doing a lot better now.  

Have a great night, and be careful walking off the trampoline.  

Oh and by the way, no children were hurt jumping off the roof, this time.  


Claudine said...

OWWW!!! Poor thing!! Hope she is doing better now. Is she having a break from dancing right now, or did she have to take time off???

melissa hunt said...

No dance right now, thank heavens. Although was was just walking through one of her dances yesterday and stepped funny again. and just like a magic trick, wham bam . . . her ankle bone disappeared.