Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ok, so I got in trouble.

I got an email from my sister getting after me for not blogging.  My daughter asked me if I was looking something up and I said "no, I'm blogging."  She said "yeah".  So I guess I should get back to blogging.  I didn't know if anyone even read this, I guess 2 do.  ha ha.  Oh, but I did lose 2 followers after my last mormon post.  So I guess I should be thanking the 25 that stayed.  

So to say thank you, here is a photo.  We watched woman in black with my niece and nephew, Spencer and Kylie.  

How is that for creepy woman in black outfit???  

Oh wait, it's just James.  


Claudine said...

Ok...so sorry for getting after you. It's just at times when i feel life is spinning out of control for me, I like to come here for a little comedy relief. I won't say it helps make my life seem not as crazy, but.....
Ok, it's just a different kind of crazy. So, thanks for the posts. I feel much more fulfilled now!! And did you seriously lose viewers from the mormon alert post??? That is hilarious!!!

melissa hunt said...

yep, I really really did lose 2 followers.