Saturday, July 14, 2012

I have a crafty daughter

So I can't find the inspiration, but I will try to explain what I wanted.  I was pinteresting and I saw a fabulous crafting idea.  

Here is a math problem for you.  11 people in the house and everyone gets 8 drinks a day.  How many times do I have to run my dishwasher?

Yeah, I am bad a math too.  The answer?  way too many!!!!!

So, back to the crafty idea.  Someone had made coasters with everyone's names on it.  They would sit on the counter and after you use your cup, you rinse it and put it on your coaster.  They had 2 kids.  The only problem is my counter is not big enough for that.  11 coasters, I mean, come on.  So my very smart and crafty daughter . . . 

 came up with this . . . 

I cut out our names with the cricut in vinyl and stuck them on the windowsill.  What do you think?  Pretty stinking smart, right?  Now with paper plates and reused cups I only run my dishwasher 1 -2 times a day.  How awesome is that?