Saturday, July 14, 2012

Days of 47 youth parade.

We had a great day today.  James marched in his last parade.  
Here is the crew that was there to cheer him on.  
We are missing my 2 oldest.  They are visiting cousins and dang I miss them!!!

My little Annie is 8 going on 16.  She wanted to try to curl her hair.  Unfortunately her cheek got in the way. boo hoo.  
 Here is a few cute parade entries.  

 There is my favorite one.  Do you see my little tambourine man?  The little blond in the middle of the photo.  Yeah, I know, he is adorable.  
 Probably not one of my best mommy moments.  Handing the little terrors a baggie full of crunched up cheerios.  Oh well , they were happy.  
 The reason we did not stay for the blow up bounce houses and booths.  Way too many people for me.  
 Little princesses with the crowns daddy bought them.  
 In case you can't tell, the back view.  ha ha 
 Playing at lunch after.  This is how they were going down the slide.  I love my kids.  The only bad part about having a lot of kids?  They can't do anything alone.  

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