Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thankful - Day #3

Sassy.  Okay, what?  Yes, my surprise baby girl #2’s nickname is Sassy.  As the twins first started saying her name, it sounded like Sassy.  So, that is now what she is known by.   Just don’t call her sassy pants.  Does not go over well.  This girl is the whole package.  (Is that creepy for her mom to say that?)  She is gorgeous and smart.  And not everyone can handle being named Cassandra Lavell while living across the street from the Lavell Edwards stadium. But since she is named after my grandma, not BYU’s coach, we are all good, right?

 She is . . .
- brilliant
- beautiful
- so good with kids
- a wonderful percussionist and pianist
- patient with her family (usually)
- Strong.  The principal messed up her schedule and put her super smart math class the same time as her dance company class.  He then proceeded to lie and say there was nothing he could do about it because of her gt English class.  (Ok, long story. I know this doesn't make sense.  Sorry) She sucked it up and had to quit the dance company.  Because she realizes that while dancing is fun, it is not worth getting behind in her super smart math.  I know it hurts her every time she sees the dance company girls in their little matching jackets and when they get to perform. But she is amazing.  She will get passed this and be able to be amazing on the dance company or drill in high school. 
- I know I keep saying how smart she is, but this little cookie taught herself to read when she was in preschool.  By listening to me teach Becca.  She was her kindergarten teachers dream.  She could leave Cass reading a book if she needed to leave the classroom. Cassi has the highest score in the worlds hardest English class.  Trust me, I know.  I had to deal with this teacher before.  Granted, she has the bonus of Becca’s help, but she also is at the top of the class in all of her other AP and honors classes. 

And because I did embarrassing selfies with becca, I figured, Hey, why not!!

Yes, this is her doing her homework at Hollywood Connection.  Poor soul.  

I love that she loves to go to the games with John.  She was able to take Maddie with her a few times this year, too.  Good times.  

I love you Cassi Bassi Sassi Pants.  ;)

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Brenda said...

OK! I love Cassi, too! She is an amazing granddaughter! We love to hang out and cook together! Cass, I miss you lots!