Monday, November 11, 2013

Thankful - Day 4

James is the next on my list.  What a sweet boy.  Granted, when he was around 1, I wondered if he was a spawn of the devil.  Dang that boy had energy.  Plus he broke everything.  (Little did we know he was just training us for the twins!!!)  

He is turning in to such a fun almost teenager.  About him . . .

- He has a great sense of humor. Kids a crack up.
- He loves to play games.  Super competitive.  Except when it comes to baseball.  but. . .
- He is great at baseball.  He loves that game.  
- He is really smart.  He even ruined his summer (and my summer :) taking a summer class so he could qualify for an 8th grade honors math class. A waste of time, but shows how super smart and dedicated he is!!
- He is also a cute musician.  He plays piano and percussion.  He is even on a youth symphony. 
 Did I mention that he is awesome on four wheels?  He should have been born in the 80's.  He could take dates to the skating rink.  
 Here is some of his amazing dance moves.  No, Napoleon Dynamite was not his teacher.  He figured out these mad skills on his own.  
 Amazing big brother.

Being a tough guy and eating a teaspoon of hot sauce.  Not one of his smartest moves.  
I love you Jamie Bamie!!

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Brenda said...

James, we love you, too! We love watching you play in the band. You are a great percussionist!
Love you lots!
Grams and Gramps