Monday, November 11, 2013

Thankful - Day 7

Now on to little Miss Amelia.  

Oh, little Mia.  Where do I even start?  That sweet heart is usually an angel. She is a lot of fun.  It is interesting to see how she is very much the baby of the family.  But since the adoption, she is 6 of 9, so not really the baby anymore.    She says the most hilarious things to crack us up.  

Mia has a hard time saying her r's.  Here is a Funny by Mia:  
Mia came and stuck her armpit in my face.  
I told her "It smells like roses."  
"Wotten Woses?"
So we kept joking about her wotten woses armpits.  
Fast forward a few days.  We were asking her about her "wotten woses" armpits.  
Then very frustratedly serious, she said, "You're saying it wong.  It is not wotten woses, it is wotten woses!!"
-She is an adorable little dancer
-She is such a super picky eater.    
-She is a mini cousin Alli.

She talks like her, they look the same, same mannerisms, everything.  I see Alli in her every single day.  It makes me miss Alli.  :(

She was being Ariel.
 She loves arts and crafts.  She loves to make things.  Even clothes.  
 She made her pancakes look like the package.  Yummy :)
 Do you want some bread with that butter?  She is definitely my daughter.  
 Another outfit, complete with leg warmers.  
 Eye glasses - she is amazing.  
I love you little Mee Mee. 

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Brenda said...

Those pics are so cute! I miss that little honey! She really is creative! We love you Mia!