Monday, November 11, 2013

Thankful - Day 5

Now, I am on to my baby #4.  Little Miss Annie Bananie.  Oh where to start.

First off.  This little 10 year old is a little old British lady in disguise or reincarnated.  Her accent is amazing and she loves loves loves cucumber sandwiches. In fact, for her birthday, my mom took her to the Grand America Hotel for tea.   I think I neglected to post about it.  Sorry.  

Annie is an amazing person.  
-She is so funny.
-She is a great and loyal friend.
She is awesome at the piano.
-She is a fantastic singer.
-She also is an amazing dancer.
She is an all around really, really fun girl to hang out with.  
-Oh, and I love that she still loves to hold my hand.

 They made a bed in the leaves.  Pretty good actresses too if I do say so myself :)

 Lucky duck guessed how many pennies daddy had saved in his bank. She won them all  :)

She loves hanging with the big kids!!!

I love you Anna Sophia   aka Anna B.

1 comment:

Brenda said...

We love our little Anna Banana, too! We enjoy her staying at our home and just hanging out with us!
We miss you, Annie!
Love you lots!