Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy News

Guess who is making a show with disney?  

How happy is that!!! It sounds like a cute show. Couldn't you watch him dance for hours?

"Set in present day, the comedy follows Gulliver Quinn, a grown man enrolled in the seventh grade after his family returns from a 15-year research expedition. The character Heder plays was living in a remote northwest India cave with his parents while they created a documentary film on a rare tortoise.

Credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures
The Quinns return to their suburban home, with its 1990s décor intact, and years of stacked-up mail. At elementary school, Gulliver’s principal is far from his pal and his childhood crush is now the school nurse and, with budget cuts, head of the history department.

Disney XD is a basic-cable channel of live-action and animated programming targeting children in the 6-14 age bracket." (You can read the full article at

Guess what? I have lots of kids in the 6-14 age bracket. I am so looking forward to this show already!!! Yes, I am a kid at heart. Who is with me?

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