Monday, May 30, 2011

Honest Monday

Alright, here is todays confession.

My number one regret in life.  Are you ready?

Drum roll please . . .

Not staying caught up on printing off my photos.

Years ago, I had an old fashioned film camera.  I would get those pictures printed off

1. because I was super anxious to see if my photos turned out and what was on each roll and

B. I would lose the film if I didn't take care of it quick.

But now that I have the past 7 years on a hard drive, I tend to leave them there. So when there is a sale on photo printing, I get a bunch.  Recently I developed 1095 and I am still not caught up. These are just the ones I want to scrapbook.  I need to get busy,  ahhhhhhhhhhh.

How about you, what do you do with you photos?  Do you print?  Store on a hard drive?  or digital scrapbook?  Regular scrapbook?  Totally curious.

P.S.  Did you catch my tribute to the sitcom Mad about You?  I loved the show.  I totally miss it  :(

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Bryan, JaNan, Aedin and Anthony said...

I my photos into books for my boys. I usually do one for their birth-parents, grandparents and one for them usually for Christmas. Personally I hate scrap-booking and this allows me to update their books yearly without having to get out all the crap to make a "cute" page, let alone finish a book. Also with I must be a good customer because they give me free cards, address labels, books. So for me it's a win/win situation. But hey best of luck on your photo stack :o) you'll make it!