Friday, May 27, 2011

Mark Zuckerberg is crazy.

So, I just read that Mark Zuckerberg said he wanted to get rid of the law that makes it so children under 13 could have a facebook page.  Right now, the children's online privacy protection act states that no one under 13 can be a part of sites like facebook.  I know there are parents that feel it is okay to let their children have facebook at a young age.  I have always felt that if the rule says 13, it should be 13.  I even had a hard time letting my 13 year old get one.  They are at school all day with their friends, why do they need to stay connected after school also.


 I used to call my friends and get a busy signal  Now my kids don't even know why the phone is making that funny noise.  If something happened to me, I had to wait until school to share the details.  I went to a Jr High awards night and texts were going off congratulating each other before they got a chance to sit down.  It is crazy.  Maybe I am old fashion or something, but it seems like kids are growing up way too fast.  Educational or not, there are too many scary people out there that can harm kids and use their info.  Kids don't have the capacity to know what  info to share and what not to share. Please protect your kids as long as possible.  Thank you, I will now step off my soap box.

Oh, and I would love to talk to Mark again after he has kids.

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