Monday, May 23, 2011

Honest Monday

So, I thought I would jump on that bandwagon.  It seems like people have themes for days.  Like "what I wore Wednesday".  This great website does it.   I know for a fact that no one cares which pair of pajama pants I am wearing today let alone which old and stained t-shirt I am sporting.    There is also this one that is "what is on your workdesk"  So since I am so dang clever, how about honest monday.  What do you think?  Pretty lame, right?  Oh well.

So here is my honest moment.   I love decorating.  I love how much is my house worth and decorating shows.  I also like my house to look good.  However, I have trouble finding the energy, money,and childless time.  So far my decorating is - photos of my children, quotes I can make with my cricket, gifts, or super clearance and dollar store.  I know, pretty sad.  In fact, I have adopted twins.  Blogger land people it seems, would run out to the nearest store and paint and decorate before their twins came. Now, I only had 2 days to get ready to bring my babies home from the hospital.  (They were not alone, I also brought their 2 year old sister.)  I have had the babies for almost 11 months and guess what?  Their bedroom is pink and purple with a Jonas Brothers poster on the wall.  Along with vinyl disney and a quote about dancing. Yep, my babies are boys.  I know, I am awesome.  I would love to have an unlimited access to money and just go buy what is cute.  Maybe when I win that lottery that I never play.

 I really want to make my house look like a model home, but I can always find excuses why not to do it. (such as braces or fixing a car)  My bigger boys room is decorated in BYU.  Well, there are no BYU bedspreads for sale.  So what do I do?  nothing.  Jason bought a spiderman bedspread with some birthday money and James just sleeps with what ever is on his bed at that moment.  The big girls picked out some cute bedspreads when we redid their room.  It is pretty cute.  Since I was forcing them to share a room, I did redo their room to say thank when we found out these kids wouldn't be going anywhere. And their room is not, I repeat, not very big.

Wouldn't it be cute to do the babies room like this?

Oh well, maybe someday I will catch up and get done what I want to get done.  Do you have any confessions for Honest Mondays?

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culley said...

Love IT!! you are an amazing mom!