Friday, November 4, 2011

Grateful - Day 2

So, my grateful for today are my kids.  Don't worry, I am not going to get all sappy on you.  Of course I think my kids are the best, cutest, smartest, and overall the most fabulous.  So instead of bragging about my kids, here are some photos they took.  Grandma gave us an underwater camera.  So while we were staying at a hotel, they had some fun with it.  Granted, we called the hotel front desk for times of when the pool closed, they told us 7.  It was 6:25.  So we hustled to the pool, splashed around a bit then promptly got kicked out by security. According to him, it closed at 5. We headed to the hot tub.  Then we were starving so we didn't stay long.  Now I am really excited for more pool time.  

Disclaimer:  I have 9 kids.  I know I have 9 kids.  I am not showing photos of all 9 kids.  I still love them all equally.  Not all my kids got in the water (Becca, Josh and Jonah)  nor felt like putting their faces in the water (Mia and Elly).  
So I hope you enjoy these kids.  

Oh, wait.  That is Becca's feet and hands and mine.  Awesome.  I love my kids.  

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