Thursday, November 17, 2011

Grateful - Day 9

Today, I am grateful for friendship.

Would you like to hear a story?

10 years ago, a friend, Christy, was going to do shelter care.  John and I decided to go a head and jump in too.  So Christy and I started our foster care classes.  It is a bajillon classes and if you miss one, say you missed the 4th class, you have to wait until the next month to take it.  It was hard with 3 little kids, but we got our classes done  Feb. 2001.  Christy told me another family in our ward was going to take the classes the next month.  Kim and Pat Crosby. They also had 3 little kids.  I called Kim one morning to tell her that I would help her finish her classes since it was so hard.  We talked for 8 hours and we haven't stopped talking yet.  John and I helped babysit their kids while they took their classes.  Ahhhh, the things you remember.  I would have her kids at my house and then take them home to hers, bathe them and get the in bed.  Her sister, who was pregnant would come and sit while they slept.  Crazy days.

 It was perfect that we had each other to babysit. It was hard enough taking a newborn foster baby to a mental health appointment let alone having to do it with other kids. Not to mention the creepy, lice infested clinics we had to go to.  Okay, I am exaggerating, but they were gross.

Sorry for the old scrapbook pages, it was the easiest way to scan.

 This is our girls first sleepover.  The Crosby's power was out for days, so the girls slept over.  They are so tiny.  And this was the first of 194,385,325 sleepovers.
 Friends for life!!!
 We would get together and spend the day at one of our houses, the kids would play and we would . . . you guessed it.  Talk.  We would even fix dinner and when husbands came home, the would all eat and hang out.

Here's a couple of the girls a little while ago. 
I have to add that I am just showing photos of some of our bigger girls.  But together we have 17 kids.  Yep, you read that right.  And we take them all places.  Yep, all 17.  And we like it.

I could add photos all day of our kids, but I won't.  You are welcome.  

Then fast forward all the years of friendship and kids friendships and this was us.  Having European Adventures.

 This was the beginning of our addiction to scarves.
Anyway, the moral of this post is Happy Birthday Kim. Thanks for being there for me and a great friend for the past 10 years.  Can't wait  for the other exciting adventures ahead of us.  Moral #2 is I hope everyone can find a Kim of their own.

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