Sunday, November 6, 2011

Grateful - Day 4

I love date night.  

I love not cooking dinner.  I love going out to eat and not having to cut someone else's dinner, or run someone to the bathroom, or try to entertain anyone.  I just get to sit.  We usually just sit and talk about the kids, but I still like it.  I totally and completely love that I  have a teenager.  A responsible one too.  Plus an almost teenager who is just as awesome.  I wish I could clone them.  I would be a bazillionaire.     

We also have season tickets to a theater.  I love going.  I always really look forward to it.  We go with my in-laws.  The theater preforms all sorts of plays.  In fact, the last one was Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat.  One of the bummers of my life was that I didn't go when Donny Osmond was Joseph.  I hadn't seen the play and I thought Donny was old.  Huge mistake.  I love it.  My kids love it. I super bad wish I went.  Since the kids love it so much, we took them with us.  It was awesome because they got to be in the play, along with 2 other girls.  They were the kids at the beginning.  Here are some photos from it.  
 She was the narrator.  She did a wonderful job.  Loved her.  
 There is Joseph coming down to sing to the kids.  He went right over and sang right by them and high fived them.  It was pretty cool.  
 So he is not Donny, but he did really awesome.  He has a great voice.  
This is when the narrator was singing to the kids.  I need to figure out my MIL's phone because she had a video of Annie standing with the guards (who were peck dancing weight lifters.)  We need to get a photo off the video.  All in all, it was a super fun night.  

Wow, look at this post.  It is just like date night, ends up talking about the kids.  ha ha ha 

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