Sunday, November 13, 2011

Grateful - Day 7

I am grateful for Disneyland.  I know that sounds stupid, but we just got back and I love that there is somewhere clean and decent that we can take kids.  It is too bad that California Adventure started a club like atmosphere at night.  Anyway, I love Disneyland.  I love it.  It is super exhausting but I love it.  Here are some completely random photos.  

 It is so fun to look for hidden mickeys.  
 This is the photo as we go down the hill on splash mountain.  I love that John got stuck in the front so he was ducking.  Love it.  

 Here is Jason's first time on Screamin'.  Awesome!!!!!

 Family fun.

 I just wish lines wouldn't be so long.  75 mins. to meet Rapunzel and the dude from chuck.  Seriously.    
 At least John is the ruler of all fast passes.  And that stack was after we used a few rides.  
My little star wars studs.

Yeah, pretty random.  I love Disneyland.  

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